Another newbie in the room!!!

Hello everyone! I just started blogging myself and I really don’t know what my topics are going to be about yet. I will probably just go with whatever is on my mind that day. So I guess what is on my mind right now is has anyone ever heard of the work from home business were you post links for different companies and they pay you $15/link that you post? It only takes like two minutes to post the links to Facebook, blogs, forums, classified ads, pay per click, and google. I have looked it up online several times and it has been on t.v. As the number one stay at home job in the United States. I signed up to do it and I have a lady named Mary whom I call rather frequently to have her help me get started. I guess they pay you weekly and the companies that don’t pay weekly usually take 2-4vweeks to send you a check in the mail. Mary assures me that this is not a scam and that once I get everything set up to start posting the links then it will be super easy and very rewarding as far as generating great cash flow. If you all are interested in checking it out just go to and it should tell you all about it. That’s another reason why I started this blog is so I can post the links on here also for people to check out. Mary also told me to sign up for a free website from but I’m having trouble finding what to click on to do that , so if anyone can give me any tips I would be forever greatful. Well I guess it’s time to hit the sack so I can get the kids around in the morning for school and not get them there late. Goodnight to all and I look forward to reading all your ideas in your posts. Even if they aren’t to me…lol..god bless you all!